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Unique Nutritional Supplements is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality nutritional products. As the creators of the Armor line, we pride ourselves on combining technological innovations with emerging research to bring you products that work.

Featured Products

Use Time Armor to fight the onset of aging with a powerful blend of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Time Armor also includes stem cell support nutrients which target  the causes of aging within the body*. This revolutionary product creates a shield against age contributing factors, helping to fortify your cellular defenses for maximum anti-aging support.

Relieve joint discomfort with our breakthrough Joint Armor formula, which combines advanced ingredients into a powerful complex. This Advanced Comfort formula, containing the patent pending key ingredient Boswellin PS®, has the potential to start working within 5 days*! Don’t let joint pain slow you down!

For restless nights, try our new Sleep Armor formula, which combines the powerful antioxidant melatonin with our unique quick dissolving technology designed to work faster so you can fall asleep sooner. Sleep Armor tablets come in a delicious strawberry flavor and do not require water or chewing; dissolving quickly on the tongue for a smooth, enjoyable experience. Get the sleep you deserve and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Backed by emerging research, our products are scientifically engineered to work. Use any of our revolutionary products to fight your specific symptoms or combine all three for maximum potential. Start feeling the difference today!